C10 - C11

Practical make-up chair with a sober, elegant design. It is equipped with telescopic head rest, a reclining back (20°), with removable arms and foot rest. The seat rotates through 360° and has a block on the hydraulic version.

The height is adjustable via hydraulic pump action (mod. C11) or gas (mod. C10).

The arms are removable and available in two models:
• STANDARD: Black polyurethane.
• OPTIONAL:  Padded and fitted with manicure trays.

Lifting capacity: 150 Kg.
 0° - 20°

Dimensions: 45 cm x 100 cm
Height adjustment:

• mod. C10 from 45 cm to 48 cm
• mod. C11 from 55 cm to 72 cm
Weight: 30 kg

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