Multi-function armchair with 4 motors, adapts to many types of treatment, therefore, offering professional ideal working positions.
Consists of 4 separately adjustable parts (headrest, backrest, seat and leg rests) for a precise adjustment.
All adjustments, with the exception of the headrest and the extension of the leg rests, are carried out electrically with a remote control.

• The leg rest is adjustable from a horizontal position to a vertical one (and vice-versa)
• The armrests are synchronized with the movement of the backrest and can also be folded, to facilitate sitting on and getting off, also increasing user comfort when lying in a supine position.
• Height is adjustable from 57 cm to 97 cm
• Anatomic padding, covered with class M1 fire resistant eco-leather

This armchair is perfectly suited for multiple uses (general medicine, dermatology, beauty treatments, massages, etc.).
Lifting capacity: 150 Kg.

Dimensions: 105 cm x 77 cm (Closed) - 197 cm x 77 cm (Open)
Height adjustment: da 53 cm a 97 cm
3° - 35°
117 kg

TF - Headrest with face hole.
CP - Pedal controls.

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